100 Tiny Books: the 100 days project

I decided to embark on the 100 Days Project over on Instagram, where you commit to making or doing something creative every day for 100 days. I called my project #100daysoftinybooks, and so I’ve been making one tiny book per day for the last 20 days. It’s been fun so far, and it’s a great way to try new things and just to play around with ideas. Here are some of my favourites of the bunch so far, and if you want to follow my progress over on Instagram, then you can find me here.


leatherishdinodioramamapred stabladybugheyteacupdogfliplittleblueleafdancemovescherrystarclockflag


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Put A Bird On It!


Last month, I spent a fantastic weekend at Indietracks, a festival of indiepop and steam trains. I was lucky enough to be chosen to run a workshop – a brooch-making one I called “Put A Bird On It” in a cheeky homage to Portlandia. It was way busier than I’d expected (I’d planned for 40 and thought I was being a tad too optimistic, haha!), with all the birds I’d cut out being swept up into eager hands in the first five minutes, but luckily I’d brought lots of scissors and templates, so everyone joined in and cut their own birds out and got down to sewing some of the prettiest brooches I’ve ever seen!


All the pictures were taken by the lovely Sarah-Beth, who was kind enough to document it as well as sewing a bird of her own. THANKS Sarah-Beth!! Thanks also to chief-helper John, who is rubbish at cutting out, but dead good at sorting out massive queues and finding extra chairs. x

such concentrate, so tent



the action station




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Bird In Borrowed Feathers Summer Market

bibf market poster LOW RES


This weekend I’ll have a stall at this amazing new Market, organized by Handmade Nottingham and Bird in Borrowed Feathers. I’m super excited, and have been busy putting the finishing touches to some papercuts and a new range of brooches. If you’re in Nottingham (or nearby!), why not pop down, try your hand at some crafty workshops, and say hello! x

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Come What May


Not long ago, a lovely person got in touch about a papercut she wanted, with the quote “come what may”. She mentioned fuchsias, and how they were her favourite flower, and wondered if I could incorporate them somehow. I got sketching straight away. Fuchsias were the predominant flower of my childhood garden, and it brought back so many memories of days in the sun, watching bees and butterflies and playing with my sister and our Sindy dolls.

I love how delicate the flowers are. I had to hold my breath whilst cutting the stamens out, scared I’d slice right through. But I managed it without any casualties. (Over on facebook, I posted up pictures of the cut in progress, so if you want to see how it all comes together, pop on over and have a nosey.)

I feel totally inspired to make papercuts of different flowers now. While it’s summer and the world is full of brightly-coloured, myriad-shaped flora. When I was a kid, Cicely M Barker’s Flower Fairy books taught me the names of every flower I could find. I used them as field guides to learn as much as I could. (I also made up tunes to all the poems and sang them aloud and often. I still remember them now! Get me drunk, I’ll sing to you about Tansy!) I think it’ll be a good project to embark on before winter comes calling. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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Yeti Joins The Mafia


A few weeks ago, I took this little chap over to Hopkinson Vintage, in Nottingham, ready for the opening of the Craft Mafia shop there. He loved it on the bus. And he seems very happy in his new home as part of the shop sign – he’s the (ye) “T” (i). The Craft Mafia shop are my very first stockists, which I’m thrilled about. They have my Tiny Moons, papercuts, and a paper clock in the shop. I’m looking forward to branching out a bit more in the months to come, too. Watch this space. x

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Hi, and welcome to my swanky new website. After setting up my business just before Christmas 2012, I spent the first few months drinking tea, “testing” cakes, and making lovely new friends at a whole bunch of craft fairs. It was fun, and frantic, and a great learning experience.

As well as getting out and about to lots of new crafty-arty places, my plan for this year was to jump into the interwebs a bit more. And so here I am.

Hopefully this will be a space to share new projects and finds, tutorials, wish-lists, and the occasional picture of a baby sloth.

I hope you like it here, and thank you for stopping by.

Emma x

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