Put A Bird On It!


Last month, I spent a fantastic weekend at Indietracks, a festival of indiepop and steam trains. I was lucky enough to be chosen to run a workshop – a brooch-making one I called “Put A Bird On It” in a cheeky homage to Portlandia. It was way busier than I’d expected (I’d planned for 40 and thought I was being a tad too optimistic, haha!), with all the birds I’d cut out being swept up into eager hands in the first five minutes, but luckily I’d brought lots of scissors and templates, so everyone joined in and cut their own birds out and got down to sewing some of the prettiest brooches I’ve ever seen!


All the pictures were taken by the lovely Sarah-Beth, who was kind enough to document it as well as sewing a bird of her own. THANKS Sarah-Beth!! Thanks also to chief-helper John, who is rubbish at cutting out, but dead good at sorting out massive queues and finding extra chairs. x

such concentrate, so tent



the action station




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