Come What May


Not long ago, a lovely person got in touch about a papercut she wanted, with the quote “come what may”. She mentioned fuchsias, and how they were her favourite flower, and wondered if I could incorporate them somehow. I got sketching straight away. Fuchsias were the predominant flower of my childhood garden, and it brought back so many memories of days in the sun, watching bees and butterflies and playing with my sister and our Sindy dolls.

I love how delicate the flowers are. I had to hold my breath whilst cutting the stamens out, scared I’d slice right through. But I managed it without any casualties. (Over on facebook, I posted up pictures of the cut in progress, so if you want to see how it all comes together, pop on over and have a nosey.)

I feel totally inspired to make papercuts of different flowers now. While it’s summer and the world is full of brightly-coloured, myriad-shaped flora. When I was a kid, Cicely M Barker’s Flower Fairy books taught me the names of every flower I could find. I used them as field guides to learn as much as I could. (I also made up tunes to all the poems and sang them aloud and often. I still remember them now! Get me drunk, I’ll sing to you about Tansy!) I think it’ll be a good project to embark on before winter comes calling. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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